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Questions about an order, our policies, our product or, really, anything maternity or baby related? We’d love to help! We’ve put together a list of common topics below, but if you can’t find your answer here please submit an email or give usa call at (212) 423-5815.


If you have any questions about you’re the status of an existing or pending order,or want to know how to make changes to an order, head to the Your Account section.


If you’d like to place an order shipping outside of the United States, please call one of our sales associates at either (212) 213-3393 (Rosie Pope Maternity Tribeca) or (424) 238-5902 (Rosie Pope Maternity Santa Monica). If you have an international credit card but are shipping domestically, you can place your order online.


We know finding the right size online becomes even more challenging when you're pregnant,so we've put together a maternity sizing chart to help you find the perfect maternity size.  If you’re still a little unsure about what to buy, we have a team of sales associates that would be happy to help you find the perfect maternity style for you.  Please call (212) 213-3393 for our Tribeca store, (212)608-2036 for our Madison Avenue store, or (424) 238-5902 for our Santa Monica store.


We accept domestic and international Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  If you'd like to pay using another method, please feel free to call (212) 213-3393 for our Rosie Pope Maternity store in Tribeca or (424) 238-5902 for our Rosie Pope Maternity store in Santa Monica, California.


To determine whether your order is subject to tax, please refer to our Tax page.


Please see our Shipping page for general information on our shipping policies and timelines.


Have a question about a return? You can checkout the general policy here, but also feel free to contact our returns department.


Want to know more about the prenatal classes, such as infant CPR, child birth and baby care, offered at our Rosie Pope Maternity stores? Visit our MomPrep page here, or submit an inquiry to our MomPrep representatives here.


Would you like to carry Rosie Pope Maternity in your store? Send us a message here and we’ll get back to you with all the details.


If you have a personal message or question for Rosie, please feel free to submit it here and our team will pass the message along. While Rosie’s schedule doesn’t allow for her to respond to all messages, please know that she reads every message and appreciates your support! You can also check out the Learn and Style sections of www.rosiepope.com or Rosie’s blog, where she often addresses common questions from her clients.


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There are so many wonderful products for moms and moms to be! If you have a suggestion for a product we should carry, please submit your message here. Our team will follow up with you if we see an opportunity for us to work together.


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